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Omnichannel Distribution

Omnichannel Distribution

About Brand Venture Central

Founded by Sonia Kaur and Matt Allison, Brand Venture Central bridges the gap between product ideation and successful market placement. We specialize in ensuring brands are retail-ready, covering everything from packaging to compliance. Leveraging our vast internal expertise and third-party partnerships, we cater to brands regardless of their focus on scale or budget constraints. Are you equipped for the retail market?


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Our services


Our team will conduct a comprehensive review of your brand to ensure it adheres to industry best practices and meets all requirements necessary for maximizing e-commerce sales velocity and removing any obstacles to widespread retail placement.



While e-commerce serves as a valuable sales channel, it also functions as a proving ground that paves the way for retail placement. We will ensure your product is strategically launched and effectively marketed on marketplaces like Amazon and social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to build a dedicated following and generate sales momentum.



Following a successful e-commerce launch, we will cultivate relationships between your brand and major retailers, with the goal of securing placements at regional, national, and global levels.


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The Brand Venture Central Difference

  • Expert Founders: Led by Sonia Kaur and Matt Allison, whose combined expertise offers an unparalleled understanding of the beauty market.

  • Retail Readiness: Unique focus on ensuring brands are truly retail-ready, bridging gaps from ideation to market placement.

  • Comprehensive Services: Covers everything from product packaging to compliance, offering a one-stop solution for brand development.

  • Tailored Consultations: Complimentary, risk-free consultations aimed at understanding and addressing the unique challenges of each brand.

  • Extensive Partnerships: Beneficial third-party partnerships, allowing for both vertical integration and diverse solutions based on brand needs.

  • Flexible Solutions: Whether the focus is on scaling or budget, the team offers flexible strategies tailored for every brand's unique requirement.

  • Direct-to-Consumer Expertise: Deep knowledge of D2C sales, ensuring products reach customers' hands effectively and efficiently.

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